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3m Respirator 1804

3m vflex 1804 n95 respirator and surgical mask is perfect for those who are need to provide airiltration or dental laager with a fast and reliable flow. The respirator has a neoprene air filtration system to provide a quiet and healthy environment in the surgery. The mask has a strong and durable construction that will protect your head and keep you safe when you need to go into the hospital.

 3M VFlex Healthcare Surgical Face Mask 1804S, N95 Particula

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This is a 3m vflex healthcare respirator and surgical mask set for use in the surgical field. It is a soft, comfortable, and easy-to-use set that offers protection against exposure to theiday environment and the potential for medical attention. The set includes a respirator and mask, which are easy to set up and use. The respirator is made of 3m teflon-based material and has a precision fit, making it easy to use. The set also includes a data storage container and a built-in microphone.
this is a new 3m vflex healthcare respirator and surgical mask that is single1 mask. It has a construction that is made of 3m materials that are strong and durable. This respirator also has a doria filtration system to remove debris and bacteria. It has a air flow rate that is around 30 cfm and it is adjustable to fit a variety of needs. This respirator is sure to protect your workers and is made to last.
this is a 3m vflex healthcare respirator and surgical mask combination that includes a n95 mask and respirator. It is a great choice for those who are subjects of air purification or who need to be safe while working or living in an environment with high exposure to air.